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Insteon Hub


 curl http://username:password@ip-address:port/3?02621998F50F1300=I=3  ... turns off device 19.98.F5 entirely (command 13 value 00)
 curl http://username:password@ip-address:port/3?02621998F50F11FF=I=3  ... turns on  device 19.98.F5 to maximum (command 11 value FF)
  • username, password and port can be found on a label at the back of the Insteon Hub.
  • ip-address refers to the HInsteon Hub's IP
  • The rest is a more elaborate syntax (see reference below)

Ref: https://www.insteon.com/support-knowledgebase/2015/4/9/control-your-insteon-hub-from-your-android-wear-device-using-tasker

Problem Fixes

  • reboot hub if devices act more and more strange and things stop working
  • did a factory reset as well. Info seems to come back from the cloud