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Products To Investigate

  • ftp now Allows sending keep alives over the command channel, to avoid timeouts of
                  downstream applications timing out while waiting for ftp to complete
  • Vixie cron Similar to autosys
  • zen HW virtualization for Linux
  • GFI LAN guard Network security scanner, port scanner and patch management
  • ipf
  • postit
  • packetizer
  • screenhunter
  • Stick-it Electronic stickit notes:
  • SSLexplorer Citrix replacement, free
  • Daemontools WinImage to create VFD
  • prtg Monitoring tool
   quickly and safely make an exact mirror image of you old hard drive to a new hard drive. In one easy step, your files, applications and operating system get transferred to your new drive. Switch out the old for the new drive, and you're ready to go.

Workflow Management

  • Nevo: IR control on IPAQs
  • Axcrypt & truecrypt
  • iperf simple bandwidth measurement on various platforms
  • Imperva Application level firewall
  • youmail as voicemail solution
  • VLC media player - free
  • XLiveCD
   >   Here is the site:
   >   It is actually based on the Cygwin project.  I believe it also has a
   > "install to hard disk" option, but if you were going to do that you
   > might as well just pull down the complete Cygwin package.
   >   What I love about X-Live is that it does *not* require an install.
   > So if I am working on someone else's computer, I can pop it in, have
   > access to the tools I need, and then pop it back out again - without
   > leaving any "fingerprints."