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Useful proxy URLs[edit]

 https://<proxy IP:proxy port>/sslproxy/Debug
 https://<proxy IP:proxy port>/http/Debug

Content Filtering[edit]

Useful tcpdump filters[edit]

 tcp contains
 dns contains


 Troubleshooting Web Sites
 Creating Splash Page

Load Balancers[edit]


302 Redirect of URLs[edit]

 302 Redirect:

Troubleshooting authentication[edit]

 cd /tmp
 cat aaad.debug

Useful References[edit]

How to Configure LDAP Authentication on NetScaler Appliance for Management Purposes:

How to add an Admin User (Superuser) to the NetScaler for Management Purposes:

How to Configure LDAP Nested Group Extraction on NetScaler Gateway:

Error on the aaad.debug: 4009 No such user



Integration with SIEM[edit]


Apparently, Firefox and OpenWRT have communication issues (17-Sep-2016). S

  • Real Time Graphs do not work with Firefox (17-Sep-2016)
  • Firefox repeatedly asks for re-logins while browsing through the WbUI

Default installation does not have TLS management configured. To do so run the following commands:

 opkg uhttpd-mod-tls
 opkg install luci-ssl