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Below are a few quick notes stemming from various product searches. Nothing dramatic, just a few anchors ("notes to self") to jump start memory next time this comes up. I don't have any ties to 3M. Just picked them as a starting point because they are a reputable company in this area. Concepts learned here are helpful when checking out other vendor's solutions.

Air pollution and contamination

Notes on dusk mask classifications

   N ... particulates, no oil, number thereafter indicates efficiency ( N95, N99, N100 stands for 95%, 99%, 99.97% efficiency)
   R ... particulates & oil up to 8 hours
   P ... particulates & oil, based on manufacturers recommendation ( and liquids, 8 hours lifetime
   95 ... filters 95 particles out of 100
   99 ... filters 99 particles out of 100
  100 ... filters 99.97 particles out of 100
Example classifications:

Sample 3M links:

 Specific particulate filter data sheet:
 Overview of cartridges:
 Selection guide:

Asbestos Abatement


Noise Pollution